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The Nurturing Paradigm of Scientific Training

Uri Alon, a biophysicist at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, likes to tell a story about when he first became a faculty member.  Already an accomplished researcher, he stepped into his empty new lab and immediately felt overwhelmed.  Despite all … Continue reading

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From Letter Seeker to Letter Writer

One academic skill that many folks first experience as graduate students, which I suppose goes hand-in-hand with teaching for the first time, is writing letters of recommendation.  Up until now, we’ve always been the letter seekers, asking teachers, professors, coaches, … Continue reading

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GradFund, or, How to Stop Worrying and Start Writing Grant Proposals

Well, it’s finally gotten to that point in the semester. I think you know what I’m talking about (especially if you’re in the humanities): class presentations, expeditions to the library to secure any last minute arrivals from E-Z Borrow, and that … Continue reading

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