A Great Study Spot

It is amazing to think that we are already more than halfway through the semester; it seems as if classes started only a short time ago! As the semester continues to move along, we are becoming increasingly busier. This means that (if you have not done so already) it is time to buckle down. If you are the type of student who needs to distance himself/herself from all distractions in order to be efficient while studying or doing schoolwork, then you most likely have a favorite spot in which you can accomplish this. However, if you are new to the Graduate School or are looking for a new place to study, consider Gardner A. Sage Library on the College Avenue Campus!

When I started my graduate career at Rutgers just a few months ago, my first official study spot was Alexander Library on the College Avenue Campus. However, I found that it was difficult to focus while I was there. The library is in general relatively crowded, and there are always people coming and people going. This tended to distract me, as I would continually look up from my work whenever someone entered the room or left the room. At this point, I decided that it would be beneficial to find a new place to study, and that is when I discovered Sage Library.

IMG_1287 (Click to enlarge)

As you can see from the photo, Sage Library is absolutely stunning. The library is actually a part of the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and was modeled and built in the style of a fourth century Roman church! Perhaps you also noticed that the library is completely empty, meaning disturbances will be minimal. The library features three levels, and there are many different areas in which you can study. The top level features individual desks (see top right corner of photo) for those who wish to study in their own space without any distractions in sight. And yes, there is Wi-Fi!

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