A Grad School Sense of Humor

As I approach the halfway mark of my fourth PhD year, one of my favorite ways to keep moving forward is by maintaining a sense of humor. To summarize a great article on gradhacker.org, a sense of humor can help with grad school success because: 1) you will experience failures before you achieve any success, 2) you will inevitably embarrass yourself from time to time, 3) you aren’t going to finish everything you set out to do, 4) stress happens, and you need to let go of it, and 5) dealing with frustrating people and situations is sometimes unavoidable. My favorite laugh a day type website is http://whatshouldwecallgradschool.tumblr.com/. Check out the archives for Dec 29th 2014 for an accurate description of how my fourth year is going. Let me know if you have any favorite daily sites you visit for a good laugh!

One thought on “A Grad School Sense of Humor”

  1. Marathoning episodes of “Miranda” on Hulu, which I highly recommend for those whose taste leans toward the Britcom. And while they don’t fall into the category of humor, “Game of Thrones” and “Homeland” were especially helpful when I felt like I was having a bad day because, well, either of those shows could carry the subtitle, “Someone’s Having a Worse Day Than You.”

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