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Advice:  Your First Year in a Ph.D. Program

Careers:  How the Job Search Differs at Community Colleges.  The application, the interview, and even the offer are not the same

Mentoring Opportunity:  Supporting the NeXXt Generation: Professional role models help undergraduate women turn STEM aspirations into realities.

Careers: What informational interviews can do for you.

Getting a Job: What Community-College Search Committees Wish You Knew

Transitioning from coursework to dissertation: A Common Time to Get Stuck

How Blogging Helped Me Write My Dissertation

Career Advice: From Academic to Schoolteacher and Novelist

Career Management: 7 Resolutions to Advance Your Career 

New publicationSurviving Your Graduate School Adviser.  A collection of essays from career counselors and advisers, edited by Leonard Cassuto of Fordham University, explores all the different ways this important relationship can go wrong and how graduate students can better manage their advisers.

Chronicle article: Here’s Smarty-Pants, Home for the Holidays.

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Advice: What I Learned About Surviving Graduate School  A new assistant professor offers advice about how to enjoy life as an overworked and underpaid doctoral student. 

Manage your Career: From Advisee to Peer;  Minding Your Manners for the Conference Interview;  What Graduate Students Want to Know About Community Colleges;  Embrace Your Inner North Dakotan;  How to leverage your Ph.D. expertise into a satisfying and productive science career

Career DecisionsDeciding what to be with a PhD Leaving the bench can seem like a risky endeavor (NY Academy of Sci.)

Seeking the Mentors You Need  No one is going to walk up and offer kindly to be your mentor. You have to learn to ask.

Networking Tips: Expand Your Academic Network in 5 Minutes

Finding your Niche in Science: Scientists are notorious for spending long hours in the lab, honing research skills—but how much time do you spend thinking about career development? If career aspirations are often put on the back burner, resolve to spend a little time looking at the new Science Alliance homepage on the New York Academy of Science site.