The Graduate School-New Brunswick (GSNB) is responsible for master’s and doctoral education in all fields that offer academic degrees, and is the primary advocate for graduate education and graduate students on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses. Following are the GSNB staff; they periodically contribute announcements and musings to the “Guest Posts” page.

Jerome Kukor, Dean, Graduate School


Jerome J. Kukor,  Dean, Graduate School-New Brunswick


Alex Bachmann is responsible for all matters pertaining to registration, inter-institutional registrations, drops and adds, course-related problems, ESL, and liaison to graduate programs and the GSA.

Barbara Bender, Associate Dean for academic support and graduate student services.

Gary Buschorn is the graduate school Business Specialist, working  with the business manager in budget and financial matters, fellowships, tuition, tuition waivers, conference travel and health benefits.

Teresa Delcorso is an Assistant Dean and founding director of GradFund, the Resource Center for Graduate Student External Support, which helps students identify and apply for external grants and fellowships, and integrate applying for funding into their graduate career.

Evelyn Erenrich, Assistant Dean of Recruitment and Retention, is responsible for graduate student recruitment and support, with an emphasis on increasing diversity in STEM, and directs the RISE undergraduate summer research program.

Claudia Farber is an Assistant Dean and Operations Manager for the NSF-funded Project AGER (Advancing Graduate Education at Rutgers (, focusing on graduate student  professional development classes and workshops, and information and communication tools, e.g., this blog.

David Pickens is Associate Dean of Special Projects, and tracks career placement, student completion and attrition, demographics, and enrollment for national surveys and grant applications; and manages the IIE Fulbright grant competition.

Simona Turcu, GSNB Business Manager, is happy to assist with payroll issues, tuition remission, conference travel, fellows health insurance, and anything related to graduate student funding.

Barbara Sirman, the Senior Administrator for Degree Certification, is responsible for certification of degrees, dissertation and thesis format, student records, readmission, transfer of credit, change of program, status, grades, extension of time, and commencement planning .

Harvey Waterman became an Associate Dean of the Graduate School before you were born.  On the one hand, he’s seen it all.  On the other hand, he can’t remember much.  Occasionally he has flashes of inspiration that will lead him to pontificate on line.  Let him know if there is anyone out there.