“Desktop Faculty Development” — the Tomorrow’s Professor Mailing List

One of the best online resources for graduate students, especially those aspiring to academic careers in research or teaching, has to be the Tomorrow’s Professor (TP) mailing list:


Managed by Rick Reis, a professor of engineering at Stanford, the list produces entries twice weekly on a wide variety of topics relevant to graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members, many of which are excerpted from recent journals or books.

I first learned about TP through a colleague who forwarded one of their e-mails regarding teaching. Since then I have been actively reading most of the postings, which I’ve found to be both an outstanding source of advice and a great way to keep abreast of the latest issues in higher education and education research.

Anyone can subscribe to the list to receive the regular e-mails (subscription instructions available on the above URL), although the website contains a full archive of previous posts. There is also a blog that regularly reposts the content: